Onward and Upward

Life has changed quite a bit since I last posted to this site. First & foremost, we’re no longer just about “Blueprints & ‘Bows'” over here – last year, we added a baby brother to the mix; a delivery room surprise that shocked & delighted us all!

Jack turned one in quarantine, and doesn’t know much of the world beyond these walls (feeling more sorry for myself than for him), but alas, his little world is about to expand as we begin a home addition & remodel that will give us all the space we need for distance learning, work from home, and [indelicately put] – escaping from each other!

Some of you know that I have a degree in architecture, and that I spend my professional life designing for a custom residential firm here in California – Shoutout to Studio3 Design! http://studio-three.com/ – (thus inspiring my blog “Blueprints & Bows”). But early on, this page became a sort of therapeutic space for sharing parenting woes.

Many of my woes were made worse by the fact that, as our family grew, and shelter-in-place orders became the norm, our charming 1884 Victorian home was no longer working for us, but against us.

Over the next several months, I’m going to be documenting our remodel experience; from my early schematic design to design development, construction & installation. I’ll be sharing what I learn; the dos & don’ts of designing for a family with young children, and how to create a grown-up, well curated home that is beautiful, but more importantly, functional – so that being stuck in the same house with your family doesn’t make you lose your mind 🙂

You can follow along on Instagram @blueprints_and_bows

Here we go!

hugs , MamaFulch

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